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Mobile Commerce (m-commerce) has finally arrived

Bravo! Mobile Commerce (m-commerce) has finally kicked off. People are moving towards shopping using Smartphones and Tablets. According to Statista, a leading Internet statistics company from Germany, mobile commerce sales have quadrupled from 2% to 8% over the past two years.

In March 2012, more than 40 million people in the US i.e. approximately 13% of about 300 million people in the country, visited Amazon using a tablet or smartphone. The above exhibit is a suggestive extrapolation of the current trend upto 2014.

The four biggest online retailers—Amazon, eBay, Netflix, and Wal-Mart—saw millions (double-digit) of Mobile web/app visitors.

Apparently, both smartphone and tablets equally took away the share of PC visits to online retailers.

Higher the household income, higher the percentage of tablet owners. Clearly, tablet owners are the affluent buyers.

The tablet is still a premium device and for people who have more disposable income, so the average value of an order placed from a tablet is the highest of all three devices. But, the PC continues to be the primary purchasing medium, resulting in the highest conversion rates. The smartphone acts rather as an exhibitor for online stores, and, thus, may or may not result in a purchase when compared with the ease of navigating websites on a PC or a tablet.

An Apple a day…

Ten years ago, I didn’t have a Personal Computer. Six years ago, I hadn’t heard of Apple, Inc. Four years ago, I was working on a mobile base station design to test a mysterious new phone. Two years ago, I bought this mysterious phone–the only Apple device I own! Soon, I learned of this chip programmer who designed boards for the ATARI video game, which I played with when I was little, and who used to travel 7 miles for free food every Sunday at the Hare Krishna temple. It was this programmer who had the notion of developing a digital device to vanquish Sony and its ubiquitous Walkman. Co-founder and father of Apple, Steven Paul Jobs was a geek and a workaholic who would work late nights on his innovative ideas. It seems that the hard-work had taken a toll on his life that he left us at such an early age. Whether it is listening to music on the iPod or checking emails on the iPhone, Apple’s products have made people’s lives a lot less stressful. I can’t imagine getting through the day without checking my email, updating my calendar appointments, finding my way on Google maps, checking the weather before heading out, updating on social media, or just listening to music on my iPhone. People’s emotions for Steve’s loss are well-justified, because he has become a part of their lives. And those emotions also represent a fear, if you will, that who would continue to source such outside-the-box innovations in the future. An Apple a day indeed kept the doctor away, didn’t it?