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About Me

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. My name’s Ashish Sharma, and I’m a Co-founder & Partner at IWeTree: a multinational company started by a highly ambitious team of Ivy League graduates that serves financial institutions in emerging markets such as Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and India to name a few. I’m a technologist with a background entrenched in high-tech product development, wireless communications, semiconductors, banking, higher education, and non-profit management. I graduated from Columbia University in New York with a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering and summa cum laude from University of Mumbai with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering. Besides blogging, I enjoy driving fast automobiles, challenging myself in indoor & outdoor fitness, and dreaming about film-making in my free time. Egalitarianism is my biggest social goal. If you have fun and interesting things to share, feel free to drop a line on my social media profiles below or simply email me at: sharma [DOT] ashish [AT] consultant [DOT] com


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