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“I am Iron Man!”

That’s how Tony Stark revealed the superhero’s true identity to the world: by declaring it in a Stark Industries press conference. I admit I’ve been tardy to catch up on watching the latest sci-fi/action movies. The last blog I wrote was a review of Inception, pointing out its similarity/dissimilarity to The Matrix. Iron Man has had a memorable impact on my life after I watched the movie series recently, though in reverse order: Iron Man 2 followed by the first instalment. I was quite impressed by the second one, in which several platforms of the Mark suits were revealed, but the first one touched me really deep! Particularly, the part where Tony Stark first discovered Iron Man after being impregnated by shrapnel from an explosion and captured by a terrorist group in Gulmira, a fictional Afghan village.

The shrapnel explosion changed Stark’s destiny such that the fictional arc reactor, an electromagnet that kept the shrapnel in his chest from entering his heart and thus killing him, became inevitable for his survival. The incident forced Stark to re-awaken his engineering genius and build himself an iron suit powered by the same reactor in order to escape captivity. After escaping, not only did he vow to abandon weapons manufacturing, but he also decided to perfect the design of the Iron Man suit. The various experiments and tests this whiz from MIT conducted to build the Iron Man armor reminds me of when I used to play with electronics and computers in the school lab and how memorable success used to be; just like Iron Man’s first flight!

Iron Man is unique. Unlike other superheroes, he has publicly declared his true identity. Another note-worthy characteristic is that he never displays strong emotions like Batman or Spiderman would do out of anger or sorrow. He’s jovial and very smooth, particularly with women. In his true identity, he has aptly used his father’s legacy and his own sheer genius to become wealthy. No wonder Obadiah Stane was always insecure and later yelled to his engineers when they couldn’t power the Iron Monger suit, “Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave.. with a box of scraps!” An epic and popular line with intense meaning to it.

The piece that differentiates Stark from me is that he’s a billionaire industrialist, and I’m not. Though I might have my father’s legacy, I probably haven’t done anything to grow it just as yet. Maybe it’s time to go do that?

“Kill power, J.A.R.V.I.S.!”


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