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The Therapist

Alright, so this is my first post. It’s 11:26pm. I am trying to finish some personal work and the incident of a physical therapist has come to my mind. This is my closest encounter till date with the healthcare system in the United States. A chiropractor schedules a seminar at the company and offers free subway sandwiches to employees who attend it. After his sales pitch for lean diets and physical therapy that his clinic provides, he gives away a free initial consultation coupon to everyone in the hall. Although I usually very carefully scrutinize such potential traps, I almost fell into this one. Let me explain. I went for the free consultation and I was prepared that he will try to be officious and sell himself. So he offered an X-ray and a detailed diagnostic report which he mailed me in a few days. When I was leaving he said that I don’t have to pay anything although he noted down my insurance info. A few days later I receive an EOB for $400 for the visit. Obviously, I was pissed as hell. I called him up, left a message with the receptionist but he never called back. Then I explained the story to one of my colleagues and he recommended me to send him a letter demanding an explanation by certified mail. I also attached a copy of the coupon and stated in the letter that I have cc-ed a copy to the collection agency. He calls me the very next day saying that he is lost and confused-I asked him to just return my money. Within two days, he sends me a statement which said, Balance remaining is NIL. I never had to pay anything to the insurance company.


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