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System Shutdown

Till date, I blogged once a year. But after getting into the Social Media business, I committed myself to do so on a rather frequent basis. One another reason was the motivation that I got from a gentleman I met recently – Sree Sreenivasan. I told him I have acquired immense knowledge over years, and need a public channel to share it on. “Start with a Blog first”, was his answer. You can find out more about the digital/social media guru on WNBC-TV for which he is a Tech Reporter. He’s also the Dean of Columbia University’s School of Journalism for over 18 years now!

It has been a few days that I arrived in Mumbai to meet with family and I can’t tell you how I just cannot function without going to a fitness center. So I decided to join one and went for a trial work out on a rainy Monday morning – the city had been lashed by rains for over a week now. I was all pumped up so started off with the chin dip machine to hone my latissimus dorsi and upper back muscles, followed by some bicep curls, and sit-ups for the abdominal muscles. Having finished ~30 minutes of this overly intense workout, I stepped over to the cardio section for the stairmaster. All of a sudden I felt frail and thirsty, and thus, decided to fetch some water just to realize there are no disposable cups and only used plastic bottles. Gee, I couldn’t drink in those! By now I had started to feel dizzy, tired and surprised as to what was happening to me. “Am I losing control?”, I asked myself. Luckily, I found a chair nearby to sit in. Slowly, everything was getting darker and eventually everything in front of my eyes blacked out! Although, my brain was awake and watching this happen, there was no way for it to either control my body or obey my commands but to observe that I am ‘shutting down’! It seemed like the end of the world to me – I was dead.

Minutes later, I woke up to realize I was dragged by trainers through the stairs to an open area in the fitness center and was laid on a bed surrounded by ten people. They gave me some Glucose, and a Dairy Milk chocolate. Yes, I had fainted. When one of the trainers asked, I told him that I slept at 4am after studying, didn’t eat a thing in the morning except for a cup of milk with BiPro protein, and decided to pump in the gym at 10am! He was angered and exclaimed that if I were in such great shape, how could I miss out on the nutritional aspect. This experience thought me a lesson to regulate my activities, whether be it for the body or for the mind.

Friends and family call me by this name and surprisingly the fitness center also happens to go by the same – Powerhouse.


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