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Inception (not The Matrix)

So I finally found time to watch Inception: the latest buzzword. 3 weeks ago when it was released, I saw my facebook and twitter news feeds flooded with laudatory status updates. The status update that got my attention was ‘Its better than the Matrix’. So then I decided to watch it to find out. Because in my view, The Matrix is probably the most thought-provoking movie made till date. Since the complexity of virtual world took many of us a long time to grasp the concept underlying in the first part of the trilogy. I went today to find out whether Inception can better the Matrix and at the same time I also did carry a certain level of expectation regardless simply because of the rave reviews.

The movie’s concept is quiet impressive; hats off to Christopher Nolan. Given my tendency to derive analogies to better fathom concepts is warranted here! The story is to some degree an extension/derivative/corollary of the idea of the Matrix. It tells you that virtual reality exists and information can be extracted (by the process of ‘Extraction’) by building trust in the subconscious mind. And similar to engineering concepts, it is possible to cascade dreams i.e. have a dream inside a dream and so on till infinity may be. Basically, there can be several layers of extraction or dreams as long as you don’t wake up. The major difference between the Matrix and Inception is that in the Matrix, it is clear that ‘Body cannot live without the mind’ i.e. if you are killed in the Matrix, which is the virtual world, you die in the real world too. But, if you die in Inception then you wake up, meaning you’re out of the subconscious mind prematurely before completing the extraction.

All in all, a must watch movie with great acting performances. Leo has come a long way from his Titanic days and delivered very well, supported by Ellen Page from Juno and Cillian Murphy who played Scarecrow in Batman Begins.


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